The firm

Founded in 1987, as a result of the manager’s passion for the motor racing world, the MB K Line is currently one of the best-renowned centres, specialized in the custom painting and the sale of crash helmets.

In the course of time, after taking a degree in architecture, Marco Bardelli has managed to draw on his knowledge of styling and graphics and make his know-how available to pilots looking for their own personalized image.

Thanks to his professional cooperation with the leading firms in the sports sector, the MB K Line can now boast, among its customers, pilots of both national and international repute who have contributed, through their performance, to making the firm known and well-established worldwide.

MB Karting Line - Via Cornice dei Due Golfi, 34 - 18012 Bordighera (IM) - Italy - Partita IVA IT 02285660128
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